Hello Atelier Solutions

I still recall my first contract gig. It started off helping an early stage startup build out their backend platform. At the time, I was still working at Oracle (the acquisition of Sun Microsystems had just closed), and thought this would be a good change of pace from some of the personal projects I had been working on in the past. The project was interesting, and the hours demanding, and there had been a few successes. Of course, there had been a few failures along the way as well as some missed opportunities.

The one thing that had been consistent with the endeavor is that it had always been on the side up until about three years ago. That was the result of one decision that went from one path and opened an unexpected door and effectively launched me into becoming a freelance developer. It has been challenging at times, but quite rewarding. I’ve helped several businesses solve their real world problems, and discovered gaps that I am uniquely qualified to fill as a result of the plethora of technologies and techniques I’ve worked with in the past.

I’d like to continue to offer this kind of service, and will be rebranding as a result. The new entity is Atelier Solutions, and we bridge technologies. Don’t worry, I’ll continue to update the blog on CABNetworks.