Digital Transformation Services

Services to help your legacy solution transform towards the new cloud based world.

Transformational Analysis

Document your current solution, and provide a plan towards your desired maintainable state whether it is on-prem or in the cloud.

This is perfect for the decision maker who needs an honest assessment of the current state of their solution, and what it would take to go the next level.

  • What you get:

    • Written Solution Guide with an analysis on your current system as well as your options
    • In-person or Virtual Presentation
    • Project plan with stories and tasks broken down to build on what is required to move forward
  • What it does for your business:

    • Provide a written record of the current state of your system instead of relying on word of mouth
    • An artifact that that can be taken to your development team to build upon
    • Ensures all required stakeholders know what is at stake, and what is required to fulfill the common dream

Transformational Guidance

Hands-off guidance and training for your team to help them succeed in migrating your legacy solution towards the cloud. This can include: training sessions to build up your team's expertise, sample code and configurations, and direct access to ensure you succeed.

  • What you get:

    • Instant availability to provide Q&A on issues provided in the System Analysis Roadmap
    • Coaching on tips and tricks to performing the migration
    • Sample implementation and frameworks to build upon for a successful migration
  • What it does for your business:

    • Utilize your team to push your vision forward
    • Provide advice for your team to succeed without requiring additional headcount
    • A framework for your team to build upon with your other migration projects

Transformational Execution

We lay the foundation that you can build the future on by creating the underlying infrastructure to help with the transition of your legacy solution, and will perform the porting work.

This is for organizations looking for a completely hands off approach, and groups where they are not in a position to setup an internal group to perform the migration.

  • What you get:

    • Infrastructure to facilitate the migration
    • Code modification and packaging to support the new ecosystem
    • Documentation and training when ready for transition
    • Additional post-migration support
  • What it does for your business:

    • Provide a foundation for your team to build on based on the new world
    • Provide a framework for your team to leverage speeding up your time to market
    • Allows your team and support group to take over and build upon the new solution
    • Provide additional support and confidence for your team until they are ready to take over

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